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Stacy Hadfield

"It feels so empowering"

"Leland and Robin practice what they preach. When I heard they had only been to the doctor 6 times in the last 10 years, I was skeptical. Especially since they had 8 kids! But now that me and my family have been using the essential oils and other natural products they introduced us to, I can see how they did it. It feels so empowering to have these tools at my fingertips! It takes a lot of the anxiety that we have as parents out of the way when you know you can help your family with something natural and side-effect free."

Katee Payne

"....creating a clear vision..."

“Robin has been my dear friend and mentor for the last 9 years. She continues to bring so much encouragement, light, inspiration, and guidance. Robin has the ability to see one’s potential and support them in discovering their strengths. Her support and leadership has ultimately helped me in creating a clear vision and path to achieving my goals.”

Allison Hartman

" inspiring experience"

“Working with Robin and Leland has been an inspiring experience, full of positivity and opportunity. They are dedicated to my success and growth as a person, mom, and a leader in my business. 

Learning to work within my strengths and feeling empowered has helped me leaps and bounds.”

Roxane & James Bybee

"...JUMP at the chance!"

“Robin and Leland are sharp business owners and educators! I love learning from them. They have been very successful in their business, and we feel so blessed we get to work with them. If you have the chance to partner with them you should JUMP at the chance! You will be glad you did!”

Justin & Tahna Lee

" you to success"

“Robin and Leland are an amazing power-couple-combination to work with. They have completed years worth of personal development and have a strong networking team as a result. They will expertly and strategically coach you to success and keep you laughing and having fun along the way!”

Jared Yellin

" a league of their own"

“I feel pretty blessed with the number of extraordinary entrepreneurs I have worked with in my life, but Robin and Leland are in a league of their own. Not only are they exceptional leaders in business, but they are the perfect role models in life. I love what this couple stands for and I am excited to watch and support their next chapter of massive impact.”

Paige Sorensen

"...added value to my life"

"Robin personally worked with me on my emotions and has added value to my life in many ways. She is filled with integrity, kindness, and love. She has the ability to connect deeply with those around her in a gentle and loving way. I personally witness her hard work and dedication to the people and situations she comes in contact with. I love and adore her and look up to her as a mentor and friend."

Marcie Mitton

"...peace and love..."

 “Robin is awesome! She is knowledgeable, patient, and so great to answer questions and explain things. She also creates an environment that allows peace and love to be the dominating feelings.”

Sammi Ward

"...cope with my stress..."

"I have loved working with Robin. Not only am I getting better through her recommendations, but she teaches me new things to cope with my stress every time I see her! I can tell that she genuinely cares about me and wants the best for me, my family, and my future.”

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